An Elegant, Masculine Social Art:

If you’ve never had your boss, client or friend open his or her humidor to offer you a cigar, if you’re a man, one day you will. It’s the subtle details that will tell you if you are taking a $5 dollar gift or a $20 treasure.

There are several cigar social hurdles from clipping to lighting to dealing with the ash, and, regardless of your level of interest, the devil is in the details.

However, if your ready to begin on the pleasurable experience of enjoying the pleasures of rolled tobacco, you’ve found a great place to start.

As a woman, I miss the days of elegant, suave masculinity. Cigar smoking, and pipe smoking, are one of the signs of that spirit still being alive.

Smoking: The Art of the Gentleman’s Gentleman


New Archaeological Find in Jamestown:

Pipes made for the who’s who in America have been found in Jamestown!

400 Year Old Pipes Found in Virginia:

RICHMOND, Va. — Archeologists at Jamestown have unearthed a trove of tobacco pipes personalized for a who’s who of early 17th century colonial and British elites, underscoring the importance of tobacco to North America’s first permanent English settlement.

The white clay pipes – actually, castoffs likely rejected during manufacturing – were crafted between 1608 and 1610 and bear the names of English politicians, social leaders, explorers, officers of the Virginia Company that financed the settlement and governors of the Virginia colony. Archeologists also found equipment used to make the pipes.